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Company Profile

Sunny Peace Development Ltd. is an innovative IT consulting company specializing in project management, systems integration, Internet and e-commerce systems development. We provide technical solutions for complex business issues and assist our clients in leveraging their information technology services to improve business performance.

Our mission is to provide the highest-quality, most functional, and technically advanced product and service solutions for meeting our clients' technology needs. Our strength is in our ability to architect  solutions to address the business problems of our clients. Because we're in business for one reason only: to help our clients succeed. When our clients succeed, we succeed.

We approach each consulting opportunity as if we are doing the work for ourselves. Our approach begins with an understanding of the client's business needs in order to provide the infrastructure to support the client's vision. Rather than try to do a great number of things, we've committed ourselves to doing just a few things but doing them very well.

We are dedicated to our greatest assets: clients, employees and contractors. We pride ourselves in providing job satisfaction, on-going training and a wide range of benefits to ensure that our employee turnover remains at a very low level. This in turn means that our clients enter into a long and stable relationship with us and remain with us throughout many and varied projects.

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