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Our Services

We are organized to offer a wide range of comprehensive services, emphasizing on providing IT solutions to the companies and organizations in the region to meet their diverse business needs. Through our tactical and strategic technical services, we can help them grow their business:

  • IT Consultancy

We provide companies and organizations with a holistic set of findings, recommendations and deployment options designed to improve effectiveness and efficiency in critical business process areas and technology services, and assist to set IT strategies and develop plans to meet their business goals.

We conduct business process re-engineering, feasibility studies and system planning and implementation plan. Our clients can receive technical recommendations and solutions that are unbiased, pertinent, and proven. Our consulting services help ensure that new processes, tasks, organizational changes and measurements are integrated with the culture, values and beliefs of the company and its employees while minimizing the negative impact often associated with such changes.

  • Project Management

One of the most difficult activities and the one requiring significant IT expertise is project management. There is the constant need to orchestrate resources, costs, and schedules to handle dynamic requirements and produce quality deliverables. We can help manage your mission critical projects in a professional manner and generate the successful results you're striving for.

By coordinating a balance between internal and external resources, we ensure projects are delivered within the agreed upon schedule and budget - in harmony with the users' needs. We can audit or oversee your vendors' involvement in delivering the agreed upon service, and assist the implementation by quickly analyzing the situation, realigning focus, filling in missing components, and providing additional resources to see the project through to successful completion.

  • Systems Integration

Systems integration cannot be approached successfully when the various elements in a business enterprise are viewed as stand alone functions with isolated goals. For best results, the total enterprise must be considered, including links to suppliers, partners and customers.

We start to design and plan your systems, tailor the various pieces of software and customize them to meet specific user requirements and ensure seamless integration. Finally, we provide training to end users and technical staff before launching of the new system.

  • Software Development

We specialize in software development for Internet and e-commerce systems. Our experienced systems analysts will study user requirements and develop functional specifications and prototype models. After review and sign off by the users, the specifications and prototypes will be translated into technical specifications with which our developers can code and test the programs. Stringent development standards and quality assurance are applied in various checkpoints of the development cycle.

  • Staff Contracting

Besides working on our internal projects and product development, our skilled IT professionals can also be contracted out to clients on project basis for your temporary or permanent needs, which provides your company a flexible and cost-effective way to handle unexpected workload.

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